Typical personality traits of a Sokoke cat

The Sokoke is intelligent and sociable. However, the pretty pedigree cat is not really suitable for a small city apartment. With her active personality, she needs a lot of action and space for movement. This Sokoke cat enjoys sunbathing - Shutterstock / David Pruter

Sokoke cat: playful and curious personality

The Sokoke is considered a very curious cat. While other breeds have quickly explored a place, it seems that this velvet paw is looking a little longer and more precisely for the undiscovered. She sniffs around a lot and basically doesn't think much of boredom. In general, she is extremely playful and lively, so it is a pleasure to watch the cat named after the African Sokoke forest area while playing or frolicking.

Because this cat breed is so active and intelligent, it is a real pleasure to teach it a variety of tricks. While you don't have to show a Sokoke cat how to open doors - they can find out for yourself very quickly - you might be able to get them excited about retrieving them. The clever velvet paws learn this with enthusiasm.

A lot of space and a lot of closeness to others

Because of her active personality, it is also particularly important that you give this cat plenty of room to move. A garden is ideal, but a larger courtyard behind the house also delights in the sociable velvet paw. As a pure house cat, the Sokoke usually does not feel comfortable.

The curiosity of sociable Sokoke can also affect how you deal with other cats, people, and even dogs. While strangers initially find it a bit difficult to cope with the proud kitty, she searches for the closeness of her owner all the more often. Once you have won the trust of the dignified velvet paw, you can enjoy this friendship very much. She shows her attention above all through her very communicative personality. She has a great urge to "talk". She mumbles a lot and is happy if you answer her - similar to the Siamese cat.

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