So cute! Red panda babies at Lincoln Park Zoo

Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago is proud of its latest red panda offspring. The sugar-sweet baby babies were born on June 26, 2015 in the zoo and had their first examination in mid-July. The little animals are healthy! In the video, the veterinarians look at the gender of the plush twins. Hooray, it's a girl! And a boy!

What's even sweeter than a red panda? A red panda baby! And what is twice as cute as a red panda baby? Two red panda babies! The furry sniffing noses in the video are still looking very sleepy - their black button eyes are not yet completely open. The ears are still tiny and barely visible. The fluffy nubs don't really like the examination. They cheerfully protest when the vet examines them. Fortunately, the little red panda and his little sister are in top shape and the check-up is over quickly.

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