LaPerm cat is moving in: Tips for posture

Cats of the still young breed LaPerm make few demands on their keeping. However, you should definitely meet one requirement: You should bring a lot of time for this velvet paw, because it is very people-related. So fluffy: Cute LaPerm cats in a pack of three - Image: Shutterstock / Linn Currie

LaPerm cats have only been around since the 1990s. The breed came about by chance when a kitten showed a so-called spontaneous mutation in a litter of a normal domestic cat: the little kitten had no fur at birth - only when she was about eight weeks old did she become fluffy like her siblings. The special thing about her fur: it was curly. And that's why the LaPerm cat has its name: "Perm" is short for "permanent wave" in English, or "perm" in German.

LaPerm cat: Easy to keep

The LaPerm is a cat breed that does not make great demands on its keeping. It does not necessarily have to be kept as a free lane, but also copes with a comparatively small city apartment. In any case, the velvet paw is happy about a little fresh air, for example on a balcony with a cat net. However, this cat is much more important to her than her surroundings. She is extremely personal and always seeks proximity and contact with her owner. So you should definitely spend enough time with your house tiger - if you are away for eight to ten hours every day, keeping a LaPerm is not a good idea. Even a member of the same species cannot replace man in this case.

Easy-care cuddly cat

Although LaPerm cats have a rather unusual coat, they do not need extensive care. Like any other velvet paw, it largely takes care of proper grooming itself. Only in summer should you help with a little brushing - this is also enjoyed by the people-related LaPerm! Otherwise, the curly fur of this cat breed scores with the fact that it hardly tends to matting. And you also only have to worry about cat hair lying around in summer. Usually this breed of cats hardly has any hair - by the way, this also applies to long-haired representatives.

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