The most beautiful videos for Hug Your Cat Day

On June 4th, cat owners have to "hug what they can" because on this day it is hug your cat day. We have put together a few suitable videos especially for this festive occasion.

The first video is really heartwarming: a red room tiger hugs its owner and looks like he doesn't want to let him go - cuddle alarm!

Cat lady Franzi, the heroine in the second video, is also an extremely cuddly four-legged friend. If you want to cuddle with her two-legged friends, she simply stands on her hind paws and can be lifted up - sweet!

And in the third video, the popular YouTube hangovers Cole and Marmalade show what they think of hugs. While Marmalade is only for cuddling when he starts himself, the black cat Cole has been a huge cuddle fan since he was a kitten. They are both hugging!

Is your pet not a cuddle fan? Never mind! A couple of snacks or extensive pats are just as much fun!

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