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When must the dog wear a muzzle?

A muzzle doesn't have to be an indication that a dog is dangerous. It can contribute to the safety of humans and animals in a wide variety of cases - but it can also be required simply and simply by means of a regulation. Serves the safety of humans and animals in different cases: The muzzle - Image: Shutterstock / Mr. SUTTIPON YAKHAM

A muzzle prevents dogs from biting. Nevertheless, four-legged friends who would never think of doing such a thing - for example, if the law requires it - must also wear it, as in the following cases.

When the muzzle is mandatory

Some list dogs are required to wear a muzzle in parts of Germany. You can only be freed from this by a physical test. In some regions, the muzzle is also mandatory on public transport, the same applies to boat trips. Country-specific requirements are also possible: If you go on vacation with your dog, you should therefore inquire exactly about the regulations in your travel country to find out whether, when and where dogs have to wear a muzzle.

Other uses

If the dog eats something from the floor all the time, a muzzle can also be useful. In this case it serves to protect the dog. At the same time, you should train your unwanted behavior. For first aid measures and some veterinary treatments, a muzzle is often used to protect people and animals so that nobody is injured. And also service dogs - for example from the police - sometimes wear a muzzle depending on the area of ​​use, just like a greyhound that takes part in a greyhound race.

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Useful for snappy dogs

And last but not least, a muzzle is of course also used for dogs with behavioral problems that have already attracted attention due to aggressive behavior against humans or animals. For a dog that is constantly biting, the first step, of course, should be to deal with the problem with an expert trainer. As long as the four-legged friend is not yet 100 percent reliable, wearing a muzzle in public is also useful.

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