Select a muzzle: a perfect fit is important

If your dog has to wear a muzzle, you should slowly and patiently get used to the unusual accessory and of course choose a model that fits him perfectly. Various factors play a role in the correct selection. Stable, not too tight and not too wide: a muzzle must fit perfectly - Image: Shutterstock / Olga Rosi

A muzzle is a limitation that the dog needs to get used to. Regardless of whether he has to wear it temporarily or long-term: It is important that you make your four-legged friend as comfortable as possible. The top rule is: the muzzle must fit perfectly.

Sufficient space for the dog's snout is important

If a muzzle does not fit properly, this can have serious consequences for the dog. If it is cut too narrowly or incorrectly, it causes pain and, in the worst case, even makes it impossible to pant or drink water. For this reason, the basket should not be too tight anywhere. It should leave enough space for the snout and nose, have padding over the nose and not press on the tip of the nose. For this, a distance of about one centimeter from the nose is important at the front end of the basket. Many models are also ergonomically shaped and can be adjusted to the length of the dog's snout.

Choose a stable and secure muzzle

A muzzle must not be too far: if the dog can pull it off, it can be dangerous, especially for a snappy four-legged friend. Therefore, pay attention to high-quality workmanship and stable closures: metal buckles can withstand more than plastic closures and are usually more suitable for aggressive, dangerous dogs. In any case, make sure that neither the muzzle itself nor the closures rub on the dog's skin.

A suitable muzzle should be light and comfortable to wear, but due to its grating, it should prevent the dog from biting humans or animals with 100% certainty in an emergency.

For daily use or in between?

There are muzzles made of leather, plastic, nylon and metal. They also differ greatly in shape, workmanship and quality. If you rarely need the basket for your dog, for example because you are required to wear a muzzle when traveling by train in a certain region, you can easily cope with a simple, inexpensive version made of plastic. Of course, this should also fit perfectly and be padded.

If your pet can be really dangerous to other people and animals and has to wear the muzzle all the time, a sturdy version made of metal and with robust buckles is a particularly safe but somewhat more expensive choice.

Best selection in specialist shops

To buy the right model for your dog, it is best to go to the specialist trade to be able to look at the goods on site. Since a muzzle must fit the snout of the dog perfectly, you should seek advice and ideally let your dog try on the muzzle. It is best to have a knowledgeable salesperson show you how to put on the muzzle so that it sits perfectly and cannot slip off your dog's snout.

If you want to buy a muzzle on the internet, sometimes it is not so easy to choose the right size. In this case, you can use the example breeds as a guide for many models.

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