Caution heat stroke: never leave the dog in the car

You just have to go to the supermarket quickly and let the dog wait in the car during this time? Not a good idea. Even at a temperature of 20 degrees Celsius, dogs can suffer a heat stroke, which in the worst case can be fatal. Never leave your dog waiting in the car - Image: Shutterstock / lenetstan

Dogs and cats do not sweat the way humans do. This is why pets are particularly sensitive to heat. Dogs can achieve a certain temperature balance by panting, but if it gets too hot, that doesn't help either.

Why a dog gets heat stroke so quickly

If your four-legged friend panting to cool its body, it will lose fluid. He has to take it up again by drinking enough - but this is not possible in the car. So if the animal is locked up in the blazing sun in the car and loses too much fluid through panting, the dog's body overheats. In technical jargon one speaks of hyperthermia. The consequences: organ damage. In the worst case, the animal collapses due to a heat stroke and dies excruciatingly from heart failure.

What Happens in a Dog's Body During a Heat stroke? If the dog's body heats up to temperatures of up to 40 degrees Celsius, it is much worse than fever. Circulatory problems occur and the organs are no longer adequately supplied with blood. If the body warms up even more, the protein coagulates in the body: The result can be an expansion of the brain, which then exerts a strong pressure on the skull, which can lead to unconsciousness.

Recognize signs and react correctly

So that it doesn't get that far, you should be able to interpret the first signs of heat stroke or circulatory problems in the dog. If the four-legged friend sticks out its tongue far, it looks restless and exhausted after being in a warm car for a long time, you should act quickly. Your four-legged friend's body may already have heated up considerably. Now it's time to get out of the car, into the shade and drink lots of water.

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