How to make the dog walk varied

Routine dog walking can quickly lead to boredom and frustration - both for the dog and for the owner. It is all the more important that your four-legged friend experiences some variety. You are also in demand. Stopover at the lake for a dog walk: a pleasure for fur noses - Image: Shutterstock / Patryk Kosmider

A variety of dog walks is essential, so that not only you but also your four-legged friend can have fun. After all, nothing is boring than turning the same lap around the block of flats. In addition, you satisfy the play instinct of your loyal companion with different tasks or exercises.

Variety through dog toys

So that the dog walk does not become too monotonous, you should keep a small collection of toys ready at home. This includes not only throwing balls and frisbees, but also food dummies and cuddly toys. This way you can surprise your dog with a different activity every round. Nevertheless, you should not leave it alone to satisfy the four-legged friend with toys. The walk itself can also be varied.

Take your dog along for a jog

Just take your cuddly friend to the next round of jogging. Your dog can either run alongside without a leash and explore the area at the same time, or you can tie the leash around your waist. If your dog is used to running on a bike, you can also go on a small bike tour with it. A small stop at the lake can be made, in which the hard-working runner can refresh himself.

Spice up the dog walk with games

Or you can visit a dog playground together. There your dog can jump over obstacles, crawl through tubes, climb ladders - or simply play with other members of the same species. In addition, the normal dog walk can be supplemented by retrieving exercises, tasks for the nose or obedience games. If you surprise your dog with something different every time, there is nothing standing in the way of sufficient variety when walking the dog.

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