Cat education: clickers for behavioral problems

By clicking, you can not only teach your cat tricks, the method is also suitable for counteracting behavioral problems. Patience and positive conditioning are important. Clickers can influence the behavior of a cat - Image: Shutterstock / strenghtofframeITA

Certain behavioral problems can actually be "clicked away". Finally, the cat learns during clicker training through Pavlovian conditioning new behaviors such as males, the command "sit" or give paws. In the same way, the combination of command, stimulus and reward can also be used to train wrong behavior or replace it with correct behavior.

Clicker training against boredom

Under-challenged cats can learn to steer their behavior in a positive direction through clicker training. If the cat has got used to boring from scratching on the sofa, tearing up curtains or otherwise causing trouble, it sometimes helps to challenge them with tricks and "brain teasers". If you teach the bored velvet paw, for example by means of clicker training, to do tricks like paws, it means that you are intensely concerned with the cat and thereby challenge it. If the cat is no longer bored, it will also show less unwanted disturbance behavior.

Exercise behavioral abnormalities

If your cat shows severe behavioral problems, you should first consult a veterinarian depending on the severity of the symptoms. Aggression, fearfulness or uncleanliness can also be signs of illness. If the cat has severe behavioral problems, the doctor may refer you to an animal therapist. In lighter cases, however, such behaviors can also be trained at home. This is where clicker training comes in handy.

If you reward the cat with clicks and treats for showing the "right" behavior, this often leads to success quickly. For example, a frightened cat can learn to use a pet carrier or to be touched more easily. However, whether the training is also suitable for your room tiger as a corrective measure of cat education depends on the character of the animal and its willingness to learn. In case of doubt, individual decisions must be made here on a case-by-case basis.

Clicker training for cats: playful education

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