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Germanischer Bärenhund: grooming and nutrition

Proper care and nutrition of the animal is essential for a German bear dog to feel at home with you. You should especially take care of its fur. German bear dog: The thick fur needs a lot of care - Image: Shutterstock / cc / Wikimedia / Broomstick

A German bear dog is a real asset to families. The meek giant loves little children in particular. It is your job to ensure that the animal is properly cared for and nourished so that it feels completely comfortable.

Proper care of the fur

How much grooming your dog's fur needs depends on where your four-legged friend is mainly. A German bear dog that lives in your house should be brushed thoroughly regularly - preferably daily. This not only removes dirt, but also ensures that its fur becomes softer and shinier. You can completely remove the undercoat of these pets, then your darling will look a whole lot more well-groomed.

It is different if your German bear dog lives in the garden or in a kennel: Since it is exposed to the weather in the cold seasons, it should keep its lower fur, especially in winter, as it protects it from moisture and cold. In spring, when the temperature rises noticeably again, the lower fur can also be removed from these animals.

Germanic Bear Dog: On the road with great hunger

Germanic bear dogs not only live up to their name with their looks, but also with their appetite. The family-friendly four-legged friend can eat between 700 and 1,000 grams - per day, of course. However, large breeds tend to be very sensitive to their food, especially in growth phases. It is best to make an appointment with the veterinarian in order to adapt the diet of your four-legged friend as best as possible to his needs.

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