Fun on the water: dog games for the beach

Many dogs love to romp on the beach or splash in the water. Fun dog games provide plenty of variety - both for your four-legged friend and for you. Romping on the beach: dogs love it! - Image: Shutterstock / Fernando Jose V. Soares

When temperatures rise, dog owners and their four-legged friends are automatically drawn to the water. Before you start, you should definitely find out on which beaches or lakeside your animal companion is allowed. The city administration can provide you with information about this. Once you've found the right beach for you and your dog, you're ready to go!

Animal fun in the water

Be sure to think of floating dog toys. A special ball or a light frisbee that floats on the surface is a great incentive for your four-legged friend. If your dog is a water rat, he will love following his toy into the cool water and retrieving it. Some dogs even enjoy diving for their toys. You should only play such gimmicks in clear, shallow water, so that your dog does not run the risk of losing orientation or even going under.

Together into the cool water

Would you like to go into the water? Then simply swim with your four-legged friend. Let's go on the beach: throw the dog toy into the water and then sprint together with your dog into the cool water. But even if your animal companion is not necessarily a water lover, dog games on the beach can give him pleasure - he does not necessarily have to get wet.

Dog games for water-shy four-legged friends

In shallow water, shallow streams or on the banks of small lakes, you can throw heavy rubber balls for your dog, which he then fishes out of the water. The paws get wet. Alternatively, you can bury a few treats in a bag in the sand and let your dog look for them. You don't have a beach or lakes nearby? No problem: A plastic tub in the garden can also provide cooling and fun. Simple dog games like fishing out toys or splashing in the water are no problem in the home garden.

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