Chick is saved and hits parents again

Well, this heartbreakingly sweet little birdie was very lucky in misfortune! An attentive passer-by saved him from an emergency and found his parents shortly thereafter. The reunion is so cute!

Such an exciting day for the baby bird in this video. First it got lost and then got into a plastic tube in a bush, which it couldn't get out of without help. Luckily, an attentive animal lover heard his desperate beep and freed the unlucky little one.

In the hand of his rescuer, the young wedge-tailed plover was very excited - no wonder, since he suddenly discovered his parents a few meters away. As soon as it was put on the floor, the hearty baby animal whizzed to the two birds and was greeted with a beep. "From now on, you better take care of him," the bird rescuer called to the parents. How sweet!