German Shepherd Dog: Health information

If a German Shepherd is moving in with you, you will surely want to know everything about this breed of dog - including the health of the large, strong dogs. You can find some important information about typical diseases and their prevention here. Regular checkup at the vet: important for the dog

The best known and most common health risks in the German Shepherd Dog concern the bone structure of the dog: Hip dysplasia, or HD for short, unfortunately occurs particularly often in this breed of dog. The disease can be inherited and promoted by various husbandry conditions such as incorrect exposure. By carefully selecting the parents, serious dog breeders try to contain the risk of developing the disease, just like that of frequent elbow dysplasia (ED).

German shepherd: other typical diseases

If a German shepherd suddenly becomes paralyzed, in addition to HD or ED, degenerative lumbosacral stenosis (DLSS) can also be a cause of the restrictions in movement. It is a disease that mainly occurs in representatives of large dog breeds in advanced age. Other diseases for which there is an increased risk in German shepherd dogs include pancreatic insufficiency, congenital vestibular syndrome, shepherd pyoderma and shepherd keratitis.

Reduce the risk of disease: what you can do

As with any purebred dog, it is important to place great value on choosing a good, responsible breeder. This should of course only breed with healthy, character-perfect animals, and his pups with a professional, species-appropriate attitude should enable a healthy start in their life.

German Shepherd: Versatile herding and family dog

When the four-legged friend moves in with you, ensure with adequate, species-appropriate exercise and employment, high-quality dog ​​food and regular visits to the vet that he lives as healthy and fit as possible. Of course, with all caution, illnesses and injuries can never be ruled out. Regular checks for injuries or abnormalities in the skin, fur, ears, eyes and teeth ensure that you can see a veterinarian in good time if something is wrong with your dog.