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Teaching cats tricks: this is how they learn to "make males"

With clicker training, you can teach your cat all sorts of tricks. In addition to the classic “sit” and give paws, your pet can also learn to do males. Males can also learn to make cats - Image: Shutterstock / tribalmark

The easiest way for your cat to learn tricks like "make males" is through clicker training. Not every velvet paw responds equally to the clicker, but if your pet shows itself to be docile, it can certainly learn a few impressive little tricks with this method. Once your furry friend has mastered the command “sit” or give the paw, it is only a small step until males are also part of his repertoire.

Teach tricks with clicker training

For successful clicker training, you need a room tiger willing to learn, a clicker, sugar-free treats and of course a lot of patience. Behind the cat tricks is the principle of Pavlovian conditioning: for every successful action the cat is rewarded with a click and a treat - this is how it finally learns to link the sound of the clicker with a positive stimulus.

This is how your cat learns to make males

Your cat learns to make males best if she already knows the simple command “sit”. When the cat is sitting, hold the treat so high over her nose that it is no longer easy to get there and give a command like "male". Then, when it stands up, reward it with a click and a treat.

After a while, your room tiger will combine the command, the click sound and the reward and finally make males without the clicker. However, not every cat is ready to learn. Some four-legged friends will not be taught cat tricks with all their patience. You should respect these idiosyncrasies and then stop training. Under no circumstances should you punish your pet for refusing to do so.

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