Bullmastiff: You should keep this in mind when you are keeping

Bullmastiff: You should keep this in mind when you are keeping

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The Bullmastiff can be kept as a guard, guard or family dog. Expert, dog-experienced owners are very important to him - which details you should pay particular attention to, read here. Enjoy time in nature: The Bullmastiff - Image: Shutterstock / Inna Astakhova

If you decide to keep a bullmastiff, you should first be sure that you can give this dog a nice home forever. The Bullmastiff is considered a list dog in some German regions and is therefore one of the dogs that find it particularly difficult to find a new home in an emergency. If you are sure and the dog is moving in with you, it should be well socialized and brought up properly. In terms of housing conditions, it is quite undemanding.

Bullmastiff: movement and employment

At home, this dog is rather calm. Family connection is usually more important to him than an insane amount of space to run and romp. Nevertheless, he likes to be outside and enjoys leisurely walks in nature. His need to run is moderately strong - the dog is not a sports cannon. Important: It is best not to go for a walk with your four-legged friend immediately after feeding, but to let it rest for an hour or two.

When playing, the otherwise stubborn dog really gets going: it is just fun and you can tell.

Important for keeping: Make the garden safe

Even if a well-behaved and socialized Bullmastiff would only bite in an absolute emergency, its extraordinary protection and watchful instinct must not be forgotten when it is kept. Making the garden dog-proof with a fence can be a good idea for an independent dog like this - and if it's just that it doesn't scare visitors.

Tips for grooming and health

Especially at a young age, care should be taken to make the Bullmastiff's big growth spurts as easy as possible. He needs good food that is tailored to his needs, in the right amount - obesity is unhealthy, especially for growing dogs. The strong four-legged friend, like most large dogs, tends to have joint problems such as hip dysplasia. Appropriate attentiveness in nutrition and exercise is therefore very important.

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In addition, the dog is fairly easy to care for. Its short fur can be combed with a dog brush once a week to keep it healthy and shiny and to remove loose fur from it.

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