Information about the health of the giant schnauzer

Basically, the giant schnauzer is a robust, resistant dog. Due to its large size, it can be prone to some dog diseases. What are they and what should be taken into account in the daily care of the four-legged friend? A robust dog: the giant schnauzer - Image: Shutterstock / mariait

The giant schnauzer likes to be outside in any weather and is equipped with good defenses. If he has health problems, as with other large dogs, they often come from the musculoskeletal system.

HD and other typical problems of large dog breeds

Hip dysplasia (HD) is a typical disease of large dog breeds. The painful malformation of the hip joint occurs, for example, in German Shepherds, Labrador Retrievers and Bernese Mountain Dogs. The disease is not diagnosed quite so often in the giant schnauzer - nevertheless it can make sense to ask the breeder about possible hereditary pre-existing conditions from parents with HD. You should also make sure that your young dog does not put too much strain on its joints as it grows and that it feeds it responsibly and in a balanced manner - obesity also stresses the bones and can promote diseases such as HD.

Apart from this disease, the large schnauzer is prone to knee diseases and general joint problems. Metabolic diseases such as an underactive thyroid are also found somewhat more frequently in the breed.

Maintain the giant schnauzer and keep it healthy

A healthy, balanced diet is a very good support for the general condition of the giant schnauzer. His ideal weight is - depending on size and gender - between 35 and 50 kilograms and he should keep it with a good mix of the right nutrition and exercise.

Proper posture also plays an important role in dog health. The giant schnauzer is demanding, needs a lot of space, employment, free running and family connection in order to feel good and stay healthy.

Visits to the vet should be carried out for any abnormalities and regularly for check-ups. Vaccinations, deworming, and controls for parasites are also very important.

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