Raising giant schnauzers: a challenge

If you want to raise a giant schnauzer, you should pay attention to a few breed-specific features. Making the big dog with the strong awake instinct a reliable and faithful companion is something for experienced dog owners. A good upbringing turns the giant schnauzer into a trust dog - Image: Shutterstock / Danila

The giant schnauzer is a strong, strong four-legged friend but should never be tempted to prove it, neither to humans nor to animals. Even with the basics in dog training, you have to be very careful with the giant schnauzer. He should master the many important basic commands perfectly and should also carry out them without hesitation: It will always happen that they have to show their limits to the impetuous, spirited dog, for example when his hunting instinct comes to light.

Raising giant schnauzers: the right tone

For everything you want to recommend to this four-legged friend, the following applies: the right tone is important. The giant schnauzer is proud and sensitive and can be upset if its owner treats it too roughly or too hard. So it is important to be sensitive to your four-legged friend and to be very familiar with dogs.

Docile as he is, he quickly realizes what is expected of him if he is brought up with a lot of praise and consistent training - but he tends to test how serious his owner is with his commands. Attention and consistency are required here.

Important for education: consider awake instinct

The giant schnauzer is not a big fan of strangers. Therefore, he should learn from the beginning that people he does not know are not enemies for him. Even as a young dog, the XXL Schnauzer should have a lot of contact with people and be petted by strangers, or get a command and be praised for the explanations.

His vigilance is good, but that his person is higher and decides who is allowed in the house and garden and who is not, the dog should also be made aware with the upbringing.

Behavior towards other dogs

The giant schnauzer likes to test its limits, also in the relationship with other dogs. If your dog is a male, it can happen that he wants to prove to other dogs who is the stronger - of course he shouldn't and should be trained accordingly.

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