Pep up the cat: you can do that

If you want to feed a cat that is too thin or sick, you can do something good for it with various measures. These are part of it. Love, warmth and a healthy diet help to pep up the cat - Image: Shutterstock / Lenar Musin

A healthy cat is well-fed, parasite-free, has a beautiful, shiny coat and clean ears and eyes. Especially if you are dealing with a stray that you want to spice up, it is quite likely that at least one of them is not the case.

Pep up the cat with food

If the cat is too thin and needs to be pimped up, it is best to feed fresh small portions of cat food several times a day. You can take special types of food from the vet for this - you should go to the ailing tiger for safety anyway, if you haven't done so already. In general, you should choose high-quality wet food with a high meat content. If the cat eats badly, you can warm it up a little to make it more palatable.

It may also make sense to add a little brewer's yeast to the feed, but in case of doubt should be discussed with the veterinarian. From time to time, you can add a small amount of cottage cheese to the feed to make the cat gain weight. Also minced lamb or poultry with skin - but without bones - can help the thin cat to reach its ideal weight faster.

Complementary feed and anti-parasite products

With supplementary food for a good immune system and a healthy metabolism, you can also do something good for your pet while you look after it. If the cat has parasites such as fleas, mites or worms, it must be carefully and expertly freed of the same - the same applies to your apartment, in which you have to wash, thoroughly clean and vacuum clean the textiles after an infection. You may also need to help out with a special parasite remedy.

Four times cat food - made without animal testing

If you have a house tiger, you probably want to feed it with food for which no other animals ...

What else helps the cat to get fit again: A lot of warmth, love, calm and a caring owner. A spot on the heating, little stress and a regular daily routine without constant changes help to improve the condition of the room tiger.