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Squeeze cool for cats

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Squeeze cool for cats: the new range of feline toys

As the first weekend of autumn starts to draw to a close, we're looking at cat toys and games that will keep your cat active and engaged throughout the year.

As the first weekend of autumn starts to draw to a close, we're looking at cat toys and games that will keep your cat active and engaged throughout the year.

A range of toys and games including a laser-controlled toy are keeping the most active cat in the family busy.

Cat toys:

It may seem like a simple thing to do but putting your cat's collar on a laser pointer will make it a real challenge for the feline. This is the perfect way to keep your cat on the move for hours on end as your laser toy allows the most active of cats to go about their business while you're keeping a close eye on their game.

Catnip-boosting toys:

Catnip is a great treat for your cat as it encourages them to sit and play while the calming effect of the herb makes them feel relaxed and well-rested. In fact, there's no better way to create a relaxed feeling atmosphere than by giving your cat a little catnip supplement while they're playing.

It's a great way of keeping your cat entertned while you're at work and not having to risk putting a catnip toy in their bed.

Catnip toys are great and will get the most active of felines entertned for hours on end, but you might like to try something a little different.

Give your cat a catnip alternative by taking their kitty to a new environment where you can trn them to hunt.

Trn-a-cat toys:

If your cat is always getting excited when they find a piece of cheese in their food, then you could try trning your cat to use a lure toy to get the best pieces of food.

By teaching your cat the tricks of the trade in a safe environment, you can easily take your cat to new territories to find out what they're capable of.

By teaching your cat to walk along the edge of a pool while holding onto your finger, you can quickly and easily get the most curious of cats to follow the trl of scent and discover their kitty's new game.

Keep a close eye on the most active of cats

As your cat is always on the move and often requires trning, it's important to always keep a close eye on them. This is the best way to ensure that your cat is getting the exercise they require and doesn't need taking out on a leash in public or on your own turf.

Catnip-boosting toys:

Some cats love to play with toys that have moving parts, as it not only gets them excited but it also helps them burn off excess energy.

For the most curious of cats, a catnip ball would be the perfect toy, as the ball has a lot of spinning parts that keep your cat amused and busy.

If you're unsure what type of toy your cat likes, try to find out through trial and error. You can start by trning your cat to jump up on the highest object in their home, such as the sofa or bed. Once they are happy jumping up there, take your cat out for a walk and then show them the ball.

Try taking them to different parts of your garden and let your cat chase the ball around. You can then look back to see which section they prefer. This will allow you to choose your next toy purchase.

Keep your eyes peeled for the perfect location

The place you decide to leave your cat may play an important part in the success or flure of your trning.

If you decide to leave your cat in a room where there's a window or door, it could be too easy for them to slip out.

This could be a problem when you're trning the cat on the toilet, as they could get out of there very easily. Instead, choose a location that's at least 1-2 feet high.

Also, consider your cat's age and health when choosing a place to leave them. If your cat is overweight or older, you may want to choose a different area to your normal outdoor spot.

Choose a location that's out of the way

If you are going to leave your cat unattended for a long period of time, try leaving them at a quiet location.

You don't want to put your cat in the middle of a busy street or anywhere they'll be in the way of cars and other hazards.

This way you can trn your cat to avoid the risks they're facing. If your cat is scared of large dogs, you could take them to a park or other safe place.

Get some help to make the trning go smoothly

You'll have the most success with your cat if you make a big deal of the trning and involve a couple of friends and/or family members.

If you let a whole bunch of people, it could become a bit chaotic and frustrating for your cat, which will make it harder for them to learn what they're supposed to be doing.

While having a person constantly nearby can be very helpful, you can also go the other way.

You could ask a friend or family member to go through some of the steps to get your cat to understand the trning and work on a short time limit.

Don't forget about reward trning

A reward is a great motivator, but you have to choose the right one. If you're using treats or chews for your reward, it's possible your cat will get used to just seeing or hearing the treats.

For example, if your cat is usually allowed to eat or chew before they go to sleep, you could start giving the treats at bedtime to make them learn when the time is right for sleep.

It might take a couple of weeks before your cat gets this down perfectly.

That's perfectly OK and your cat will still learn. But don't expect your cat to suddenly know that it's time to go to sleep on the first night.

You'll need to continue using a reward to keep your cat's attention and remind them when it's time to sleep.

The same is true for any trning. If your cat doesn't pick up on your cues when they're trying something new, you'll need to keep using a reward, even if it takes weeks for them to catch on.

This is one of the challenges of trning a cat, so don't despr. Give it a try, and you'll get the hang of it.

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