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Flyball: dog sport for skillful four-legged friends

Does your dog still chase his ball normally or does he already know the trend sport "Flyball"? You can find out how it works and why it is something for skilled sports cannons here. Game, fun and skill: Flyball for the dog - Image: Shutterstock / cynoclub

Skill, joy of movement and joy of playing ball: these are the skills that a dog should have for the sport "Flyball". It is usually practiced in the form of competitions that keep the four-legged friend busy and of course also fun.

Flyball: The sport with the throw box

A special box, the flyball machine, is required for the sport with the flying ball. This is at the end of a course of four obstacles that a four-legged friend must take as quickly as possible before pressing a trigger on the ball box and thus releasing the ball. If he has caught him, he runs back with him on the obstacle course before it is the next dog's turn. The whole thing looks like a relay race and is carried out at a rapid pace, at least in competition. There are usually two lanes on which four dogs form a team with their owners and compete against the other four teams.

History of the extraordinary dog ​​sport

While the origins of the dog sport with the flying ball can be found in America around the 1970s, it found its way into European areas around 1990.

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The original goal of inventing a demanding job for the ball fans among the four-legged friends has become a popular competitive sport today, which has also become popular in Germany. The first German championship was held in 2008.