Baby chinchillas take their first sand bath

Baby chinchillas take their first sand bath

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Attention: These two junior chinchillas are on their schedule for their very first sand bath. In order to try out the sandy pleasure, they get a special little baby bath.

Well, the little rodents like that! Courageously and in a good mood, they romp around in and out of their mini sand bath. In order to maintain their fur as neatly as a chinchilla should, they wallow themselves in the sand and thus meet a natural need of the rodent.

Only when a slightly older chinchilla comes along and also wants to share in the bathing pleasure does a small problem arise: the mini bath is much too small for him. Did he forget that there is also a larger sand bath available for him? In the second, also very cute, video you can see what the sandy bathing fun looks like with adult chinchillas.

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