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Podenco: an independent hunting dog

The Podenco is a very special dog that, with its extraordinary character, belongs in the hands of an experienced dog owner. He is headstrong, self-confident and known for sometimes not paying much attention to a person's commands. An exciting challenge as a pet: The Podenco - Image: Shutterstock / DragoNika

Podencos have a very strong hunting instinct, especially aimed at rabbits. They are happy and busy if they can also meet this natural need. The enthusiasm for hunting is of course particularly evident on a walk: there, a representative of this breed is attentive, curious, courageous, sensitive to stimuli and likes to take small chances to become self-employed. When it is busy, it shows its best side inside.

Podenco: Compatible and social

In addition to his hunting need, the social, affectionate nature is also very typical for the Podenco. He loves being with other dogs, playing with them and cuddling. At home, the dog is calm, meek, cuddly and cozy. He likes to be involved in everything his owner does - after all, the curious guy has to know everything exactly. He clings strongly to his owner if he has managed to convince him of his friendship. He has to get warm with strangers first.

Sensitive and headstrong character

The Podenco is a very sensitive dog that does not tolerate coercion or toughness. He likes to use his high intelligence to test possible advantages in terms of his freedom: If you have brought up the dog well, you still have to expect that the four-legged friend will test again and again, whether there is something for him in terms of bans or ranking has changed. Of course, staying consistent is extremely important.

Galgo Espanol: Spanish, sporty, beautiful

When the Podenco gets a command, it must first consider whether it is worthwhile for him to follow it. If he decides against it, the dog owner gets to know him from his stubborn, almost cat-like side and has to come up with something to get his dog to do what he wants.