How many times a day should a dog pee

How many times a day should a dog pee

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How many times a day should a dog pee?

I just got a 4 month old puppy who pees a few times in a 24 hour period. Should I be concerned about it?

- Anonymous

Puppies will go urinate many times during a 24-hour period, until their bladder capacity is filled. This is not a cause for concern.

Can I take my puppy to a vet immediately?

How many days should I wt to bring my puppy to the vet?

- Anonymous

Generally, puppies are checked by a veterinarian during their first two weeks. Your vet will perform several different tests, including: blood and urine tests, vaccinations, de-worming and a health examination. If a puppy is sick or injured, the vet will examine the puppy and decide the course of action, typically performing the appropriate examination and/or treatment to restore the puppy's health.

How much does it cost to have a puppy spayed/neutered?

What's the best way to start walking a puppy?

- Anonymous

You should start the puppy on small walks with the goal of progressing to a larger, gradual walk to encourage the puppy to use her legs. Once she is comfortable walking on a leash, have her do at least 1 mile in a day. Don't walk on the highway, and keep the distance to keep her active.

How long does it take to trn a puppy?

I have a young female Maltese and I want to teach her to fetch. What is the best way to teach her?

- Anonymous

A puppy usually learns in the first two years and will learn basic commands like sit, stay, leave it, down, up and stay with an owner or family member.

How much does it cost to buy a puppy?

How long is the average life of a toy dog?

- Anonymous

Puppies and older dogs can live up to 12 years. Toys should be selected based on the needs of the dog and the lifestyle they will be living. They should also be selected based on the individual's preferences and whether they like a lot of toys, need a lot of exercise or can entertn themselves.

How do I trn my dog not to bark at every car that comes along?

How long does it take for a dog to learn to sit?

- Anonymous

Typically, the puppy learns this skill from the owner. It may take a day or two to teach the puppy the command, but it will learn how to sit on its own eventually.

How do I trn my puppy to walk nicely?

How do I trn a new puppy to not make messes?

- Anonymous

It is important to housebreak your dog when she is a puppy because it will prevent her from making messes. This is not an easy task, and you will need to supervise your puppy very closely. Try to make it a fun time. Start by doing some potty trning while she is still a puppy. You may also like this dog housebreaking tips

How do I trn my puppy to obey me?

- Anonymous

Trn your puppy to obey you when you give commands. Make sure you have your puppy's attention before giving commands. Also, establish a routine when you do house trning. This will help to trn your puppy in a specific order so that it will know what to expect when it is time to use the potty.

How can I trn my dog to shake?

How can I teach my dog to sit up?

- Anonymous

Place a toy or treat under the dog's back legs. The dog will have to reach to the toy on its own. You can then command it to sit. It may take a few days of teaching before your dog will completely master this skill. It is not uncommon for dogs to learn this skill at an early age.

How can I trn my dog to come when I call him?

- Anonymous

There are several methods to trn your dog to come when called. Start by calling your dog and having him walk to you. Reward him for obeying you by offering a reward such as a treat, prse or playtime. Next, try calling your dog and rewarding him for coming to you. You can then use the method for other commands.

How do I get my dog to stop digging?

How can I trn my dog not to dig?

- Anonymous

This is a common problem that occurs when a puppy digs. Keep in mind that a puppy digs to look for bones, but your dog may continue to dig to play or to please you. You can keep a puppy's digging behavior in check by using a plastic potty. This potty will not allow your puppy to dig. It will keep his paws above ground. Once your dog has mastered potty trning you can remove the potty. Your puppy will not be able to dig with a potty at his side.

Can I trn my dog to respond to voice commands?

- Anonymous

When starting to teach your dog to respond to voice commands, you will first need to teach him to respond to your voice. There are several ways to teach your dog to respond to voice commands. First, stand a few feet away from your dog when using commands such as "Come here" or "Down". When he responds by coming to you, prse him. Repeat this process a few times until your dog understands you are only calling him when you want him to come. Next, practice using voice commands when your dog is inside and out of his room. If your dog is inside your home, make sure he is trned to respond to the commands in a positive way. If your dog is outside, it is important that he obeys the commands whether he is in your yard or in a busy street. Start with quiet commands like, "Quiet", "Leave it" and "Go Away". After he responds to quiet commands, increase the volume of your voice. Next, try verbal commands such as "Go in", "In the yard" and "Go outside". If your dog does not understand what you are saying, take it slowly. Be patient and he will learn. You will find that he responds quickly to positive commands such as "Sit down" and "Down", but may not respond to commands such as "Go away" until he becomes familiar with your voice. It will be easiest to teach your dog to respond to the commands you use most often. If you use the same command every time, your dog will quickly figure out which command means "Go away". Practice, practice, practice. The more you use a command, the more he will understand it.

Why does my dog bite when I grab her in a choke hold?

Choke holds are used to trn and teach a variety of behavior, but if used to grab a dog and pull her into your body, he may perceive it as a bite. This behavior is called "biting" and will be discussed in more detl in the article, "Biting". Because dogs do not generally bite us on purpose, many times, the action of a bite is reflexive. If the animal has received a stimulus that was pnful and does not feel safe, the threat to his life becomes real. A dog will perceive a pinch or pull as a threat, because he sees that as an attempt to rip his throat out. The threat is enough to convince him to bite.

Another thing that makes a dog bite when he feels uncomfortable or threatened is when his body has no escape. When a dog is trapped, when there are no walls that he can escape behind, when there is no way out and no time to get away


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