Dumb and dumber dog car

Dumb and dumber dog car racing game for PC and Android - a racing car simulation game

Are you ready for a new dumb and dumber dog racing game for PC and Android, to take up all your time? If you do not believe it, then here we have everything you need to find a racing car simulator game for free to spend the rest of your life!

Do you think that it can be done? You will see that it's not a big problem to create a great driving game. You only need to know some things about it and the rest of the necessary you'll take care of yourself. You just need to decide where to begin and if you want to make it for the PC or the smartphone.

In this article, I will share with you all the necessary steps you need to do to make a great racing car game for PC and Android. I will expln to you all the possible options and what you should and what should not do.

We will start with a short intro to the things that we are going to be working on, followed by an explanation of the first stage. The whole project could take you from one day to a few weeks, depending on how much effort you want to spend on the game.

Why should I create a racing game for the PC?

The PC is considered to be the best platform to create a racing car game. A PC has all the necessary hardware to run a game well and play it, not to mention the possibility to work in all the avlable options. You can edit or change the way a racing game looks in any way you want, if it's not too much. You can also create all the graphics for your own racing car, if you want. You can play any racing car simulator game if you want.

A lot of people choose the PC to play games, and it's not surprising. The hardware is much more powerful than that of a smartphone, with which it is almost impossible to run a racing game. It is also much more difficult to create a racing game with a smartphone and an emulator. There are many Android applications that emulate the hardware of a smartphone, but there are still many things you can't do with an emulator.

You can still make a racing game with an Android device, but it will be a little bit different. The first reason is that the hardware is a lot more limited than that of the PC. That means that the graphics will look better on the PC than on the smartphone. But in any case, it will look much better than if you played the game on the emulator, which is almost impossible to see the detl on.

How do I start?

Choose a great platform

Before creating a game for a platform, you should check how much effort you need to put in to get the best results. The PC offers the best solution to work in almost all options. You can make a race game, an event builder, a racing game and a lot of other games.

That sd, the mobile device is a very good option. It is also the cheapest and the easiest to make a racing game. In fact, creating a racing game on an emulator is the best solution. The graphics will be very small, and you can't take part in an event as a racer. If you want to get the best results, you should play the game on your device.

Make a lot of research

You should do some research about the platform that you are going to make your game for. There are two things to do to get the best results:

Read the manual. There is a list of everything you can do with the API, you can also see how to make your games.

Take advantage of the web. The website of the platform provides all the information you need, and they may also have a lot of tutorials, free or pd.


If the platform you are going to make your game for has an SDK (software development kit) you should use it. You don't have to be a pro developer to make a game. You just have to pay attention to some points:

Check if it is free or not. If it is not free, you should get it.

You can play the game in the browser.

Play around. Play around with the API and learn everything. You don't have to make something great from the first moment.

It is not a must

If you decide to make a game for a platform, there is no need to create everything from the ground up. There are ready-made solutions. You should check this list of ready-made solutions to make the best.

If you made your own decision, but you are not very good at making games, the best advice is to hire a developer. You don't have to worry about all these detls.

If you have any doubts or questions, do not hesitate to ask. You can read more about the topic on this blog.

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