Raising and motivating dogs without treats: tips

The reward with a treat is very popular in dog training. However, the disadvantages are obvious: In excess, dog snacks are a common cause of obesity and can lead to undesirable behaviors such as begging. Petting, praising, clicking: There are many ways to motivate a dog - Shutterstock / Halfpoint

If you approach your dog training with a lot of praise, you don't necessarily have to resort to treats to achieve success. Fortunately, the numerous alternatives to the reward snack prove that there is another way. You have the following options.

Praise over the voice and with pats

A certain word like "fine" or "good" should accompany the training with your loyal friend from the beginning. Speak it out loud, friendly and motivating to show your fur nose that they have noticed and appreciated their good behavior. If you caress your dog lovingly while praising him with your voice, you will increase the positive effect. Many dogs like to be petted on the head - test which petting zones your pet enjoys the most and use your knowledge to praise your dog extensively.

Play and run around: popular with many four-legged friends

Every animal is different and therefore the way it is most praised. If you have a playful racer at home, it is clear what you are going to enjoy: After a few training sessions or a walk in which your young four-legged friend behaved fantastically, it is time to play. It is important that the pet can enjoy the time with its cheerful owner to their heart's content.

Clicker training as support in education

Do you know the clicker method? It too offers a popular way to raise, motivate and praise a four-legged friend without treats. Learning the basics may take a little time and patience - but many dog ​​owners still appreciate clicker training as a successful and easy way to teach a dog.

Dog training with Clicker: how it works!

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Of course, treats don't have to be completely eliminated. The best thing to do is to stay special for your four-legged friend and to use them accentuated, for example when a particularly difficult trick is to be learned.