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Build agility obstacles and courses for the dog itself

Agility training is a great pleasure for both humans and dogs. You can also build the obstacles and the course at home. Homemade agility obstacles are fun - Image: Shutterstock / Bildagentur Zoonar GmbH

Even without virtuoso craftsman skills, you can build agility obstacles yourself and set up a course for your dog. You can, for example, look around in your garage to see whether old tires can still be used for other purposes.

Turn everyday objects into agility obstacles

As long as you practice agility training for your dog primarily for the fun of movement, you can conjure obstacles out of all kinds of objects and set up a course. For competitions, the hurdles and stations must meet certain requirements, but in your free time you can design them to your heart's content. Injury risks should of course be excluded, then the joy of two and four-legged friends is in the foreground.

For example, you can build a slalom from old broomsticks, bamboo sticks, sticks or plastic bottles filled with sand. To practice jumps, you can put car tires side by side. Hurdles can be made in no time from tree trunks or old cardboard boxes and a curtain rod. Moving boxes can be opened up and down and placed one behind the other - you already have a kind of tunnel.

Build an agility course in your own garden

Try to make the agility course in your garden as varied as possible. You can use cardboard boxes for various purposes, for example, and easily move them around. For slalom, simply stick poles or poles into the ground at sufficiently large and even intervals. And the car tires can be arranged this way and that.

Dog sport agility: the obstacle course in pictures

In this way your dog is wonderfully challenged physically and mentally. This is not only an important contribution for dog health, but also for your well-being. Finally, you will also be challenged if you keep coming up with new training options for your darling.