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Good mood bear makes "wink-wink"

Good mood bear makes "wink-wink"

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This bear puts you in a good mood! In an American wildlife park near the city of Seattle, Kodiak bears inspire visitors with their passion to wave at them. The clever predators are clever, however: They demand a small consideration for the hint with their paw. Apparently cheerful Kodiak bears wave to the park visitors - Image: Youtube / ballochboy123

The Kodiak bear sits on the fence on the street where visitors to the "Olympic Game Park" drive their cars through the wildlife park. The good mood bear does not have to be asked for a long time for the friendly gesture: A friendly "Hi!" and a wave is enough and the brown colossus waves back with its paw. The visitors are excited and fascinated.

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Smart Kodiak bear: fish against waving

But the behavior of the waving Kodiak bears is not entirely unselfish: They hope for a small reward in the form of treats such as salmon, as the next video shows. Let's hope that the feeding is also agreed with the operators of the game park. The good mood bears are always sweet to look at.

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