Training collar: helpful in dog training?

Training collar: helpful in dog training?

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The training collar is a controversial tool in dog training. While some dog owners and trainers use it to correct unwanted behavior, others consider the training aid from a dog perspective to be unreasonable. A training collar is available in different versions - Shutterstock / Michelle D. Milliman

A training collar is intended to punish the dog with an impulse from the collar for undesirable behavior. This is either triggered automatically - for example, when the dog barks - or given by the dog owner with a button. With the help of quick punishment, the four-legged friend should learn that certain behaviors are followed by an uncomfortable consequence. In the best case, he refrains from doing so after some time.

Various training collars available commercially

The training collar is available in various designs, the most controversial is probably one that gives electrical impulses when the owner presses a button. There are also variants that work with water jet punishment, with citric acid, with certain fragrances or with ultrasound signals. The following aspects, for example, are viewed critically.

Animal rights activists question effectiveness

Those who praise their dog for good behavior and consistently convey to them that constant barking, jumping on, begging, or other behavioral problems are not desired by their owners usually not only have success, but also builds a trusting relationship with their pet. A training collar, on the other hand, could severely unsettle the four-legged friend - especially when used incorrectly.

Tips for the right dog collar

There are so many different leashes for your dog, there are so many types of collars ...

If it caused pain to the animal, the collar would even torture it and in no way would have anything to do with dog training. Inexperienced dog owners in particular can do damage with a training collar, for example if they give the signal at the wrong moment. In this case, his pet does not understand it as a punishment for his deed, but does not understand it at all and is only scared. As a result, behavioral problems can occur in the worst case. In addition, the good relationship with the owner is of course at risk, which is why it may be worthwhile to think about gentler methods of education.

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