Cat vs dog paw print

Cat vs dog paw print

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Cat vs dog paw print hand-sketch by JT on 8 July 2017, in the snow that just fell in the early morning, in the garden at our home. I had been away for a week, and my home had been invaded by a cat (not mine) who was trying to find food in our refrigerator, or whatever. His paws left this mark, which just came out as a drawing, that I took back home to show to my partner. I wanted to draw the snow on the print, because the cat is part of the snow, it's part of nature, and part of the winter, and there is no sign of it anywhere else on earth.

Here is my first entry into #ArtEcoWars, the annual week-long art exhibition for charity. As an artist and teacher, I have been invited to attend and offer this art piece to raise awareness of and support for an environmental organization. I am very honored that I was invited to do this. My piece was also selected by the artist who was previously the host of the 2018 exhibition, and her own work, with her permission, was included in the show to raise awareness about her personal life's challenges. For the full story, see this piece by her.

I hope I can make the connection to my new work by looking at my own life experiences. Please come and see my work in person. I'll be at the Santa Barbara Museum of Art for most of this year.

This month, I have a special workshop called "Art and Animals: Teaching Art to Animals in a Human World" at this summer's Art Education Association's annual conference in St. Paul, Minnesota (AEA2018). I will be giving the keynote address, with time for workshop demos and discussion. Details on the conference web site.

In the workshop, I will be teaching the workshop I taught at this year's National Teachers Seminar in Chicago. It is available as a one-day workshop or a two-day full-day workshop. The workshop is geared to elementary and middle school teachers and can be taught in groups, one-on-one, or as a whole class. The workshop is about teaching animal characters, animals in books and movies, and animals in popular culture. I use a whole range of art media to teach animal portraits and the art of the animals. I teach how to build animal characters with collage, sculpture, clay, papier-mâché, papier-mâché and cement, and how to sculpt them. I also teach how to animate these animal characters, using traditional animation principles and techniques. The workshop is for elementary and middle school teachers, but I am flexible on dates. Contact me at [email protected] or at the workshop web site.

It's been a little while since I posted a blog entry, as I have been working on various projects. I am preparing for a teaching conference I am going to be at, the National Teachers Seminar in Chicago this May. In preparation for this conference, I am preparing workshops for the workshop that I taught in 2016. I am teaching the workshop again, and it is geared to elementary and middle school teachers. It's an animal portraits workshop. I teach about collage, sculpture, clay, papier-mâché, papier-mâché and cement. I teach about drawing animals from a variety of sources. I teach about animation using traditional animation principles and techniques. My presentation includes exercises for teachers to work with the students. Teachers will have time to make the animal portraits and animations. I will teach an animal costume demonstration.

I am also working on a new children's book series. I am working with a young girl who is about 8 or 9 years old. I am using the name Krys, as Krys is my artist name. This series is of a boy who lives on a farm. He is learning about animals and nature.

I am going to have the book I wrote in 2010, and one I wrote in 2018, available to order on the website. There are three books in the 2018 series. This is the first one. The boy will get ready for summer vacation, and he goes on a trip. He sees some deer, he learns about them, he goes on a hike. He sees some frogs, he learns about them, he goes on a hike. He meets a friend.

I have also gotten some great reviews of my book. I had the wonderful experience of the book being a finalist in the National Arts Teachers Organization Writing Contest, held in April. It's a contest that promotes writing in the arts and humanities.

It was a difficult book to write. It took a lot of time to write, and even more time to revise. I had to research different aspects. I had to go back to the writing class that I took during my graduate work, and I took notes from there. I also went back to the days when I taught third grade. I tried to retell that experience with a child, but using a little boy instead of a little girl.

I will be posting updates here, because I know you are interested in what I am doing. I hope you will keep watching!

I have begun teaching again. I am currently teaching art appreciation in an upper grade setting. The student is in the 8th grade.

I am having a hard time keeping up with my blogging. It's time consuming to do this, and I am so busy. I am trying to get my kids caught up on their homework, and I have a new book series to write. We are going to spend time on our little farm, and I will have pictures. I will be posting them in my art blog. You are always welcome to watch.

Tuesday, July 10, 2008

"If you don't take it seriously you will not be prepared for anything," said the man on the radio.

I was listening to the radio while driving on the highway. I was listening to the news, and they were talking about some kind of a fire on the side of a road in Arizona.

They talked about how the fire would be difficult to control. They were saying that all they could do was keep people back. There were probably a lot of people who were trying to get back home, and they were being told to stay back.

When I heard about the fire, my thoughts started thinking about the things that are in the barn. That's what I was thinking about when they were talking about the fire. I was thinking about the hay and how it would make a good fire.

I was thinking about the things that were in the barn, because I was worried that they might catch on fire and that would be a bad thing.

I was thinking about the things in the barn because of the man on the radio. He had made me think about things. I was thinking about the things in the barn because he told me to. I had to think about things. That's what we are told to do by the man on the radio. He told me to think about the things in the barn, and they were about to catch fire.

Thursday, July 5, 2008

I went to the river this weekend. We came home from school with a load of laundry. The sky was bright blue, and we were told to wear a hat. That's what we are told to do if we go out in the sun, especially when it is hot, and especially if we are exposed to the sun all the time. We wear hats when we go to the beach. We wear hats in the rain.

There were other people on the river this weekend, and we were told to watch out

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