Sweet compilation: dog puppies in action

Whether barking, sleeping or playing: With this compilation it is difficult to decide which dog is the sweetest. Various videos of cute four-legged friends have been put together and the puppies know exactly how to make their owners and spectators' hearts beat faster with happiness ...

When a squeaky ball and a Yorkshire Terrier puppy meet, there are many great pictures. The sweet guy in this film can't wait to play with the round object and barks to himself in a sweet way. Another puppy preferred to make himself comfortable and gives his heartwarming sounds in front of the camera.

Cute Labrador puppies start to howl when a siren sounds, and a French bulldog enjoys the warm air of a blow dryer. These and other cute puppies in this compilation do everything right, so all we have to say is: cute, cute and absolutely worth seeing!

Baby dogs playing: Adorable four-legged friends