Can dogs eat mcdonald's fries

Can dogs eat mcdonald's fries

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Can dogs eat mcdonald's fries?

Answers :

I do not know. I guess it would depend on the McDonald's fries. Some dogs are not big on the McDonald's potato fries. I would just make sure you are careful when you give them fries, as a precaution. They will eat anything though, as long as they are prepared properly. Hope this helps.

Answers :

Yes, they can eat McDonalds. We feed ours McDonalds food all the time. They love it. We have them in our freezer and they eat that up too. We feed them french fries also because they like them. I think they might be a little finicky about the McDonalds french fries though. Just remember to make sure your not feeding them anything bad like bones.

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I have a golden retriever named molly and she's about a year old and weighs about 45 lbs. and i want to know if she is big enough for the golden french fries that are served at mcdonalds. she's pretty good at the golden shakes too. but i don't want her to overeat them. how do i prevent her from overeating the fries at mcdonalds?

My dog loves to eat anything he can get his hands on. However, I'm not sure if I could let him eat this much at a time...he will be 3 months old tomorrow and weighs only 13 lbs and has a nice sized appetite. How can I make sure my dog does not over eat the McD french fries?

We feed our Lab a variety of McD's foods. His favorite is french fries because they are his first choice. When it comes to other choices, he tends to take the other side of the spectrum. We do limit him to 1/2 a french fry at any one time. His stomach can handle this but we make sure he has other foods to keep him satisfied. It is a balancing act but if you limit the foods you give them, your dog should be happy....

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My dog likes McDonald's french fries. She eats a few every time I go there. We have tried giving her chicken or fish to eat instead, but she still likes McDonald's. Do you know if they are healthy for her?

Yes, they are very healthy for you dog. My dog had a McDonalds allergy, so I know the taste of McDonalds fries. I've eaten McDonalds food for many years. It's not a big problem for her. She doesn't seem to have any problems digesting the McDonald's fries.

We are in need of some new dog treats for my dog. I have been using McDonald's as a source but want to try something else to keep the cost down. I was thinking of getting the small, frozen potato treats. Can they be used as a reward? Also, can they be heated in the microwave?

This is a very large treat. The small, frozen treats will have to be microwaved to heat them. It takes about 30 sec. for the microwaved treat to be done. If you would like to buy a smaller treat, you can try the small, freeze...

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I have a new puppy I think he might be 6-8 weeks old. He has been acting a little crazy the past week, has been very hungry. I take him to McDonalds, when they get to the counter the person serving him will ask if he wants to eat his McD dog food. The answer is yes. He eats everytime we go and he is getting bigger and bigger. I'm afraid if he gets to fat and the vet will put him down. If it is okay with you can I let him have this one time?

Hi! I think that they want to see him eat to see how he'll react to it and so that they can see how much he eats. They wouldn't make him eat it if he wasn't hungry. I would just make sure that the people are trained and have a good...

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I just wanted to know if it is safe for my dog to have McDonalds food. It is for her and she is not a picky eater at all. I will be feeding it to her. Thanks

Dogs can have McDonald's but I don't think it's a good idea. It's bad for dogs to eat McDonald's and there's a chance of choking to death on those fries. My vet told me to never let my dogs eat them.

The food from McDonald's has a lot of preservatives and chemicals in them. You should give them only the natural ingredients. You can also make food your dog can eat yourself.

I also want to tell you that you should never give...

I have a 4 month old male dog and a male puppy of same age. The male puppy is getting bigger and bigger than my older male dog, both of them have a food in which they eat every single day. Is there any kind of food which is safe for both the dogs?

My daughter and I took my dogs to McDonalds today and they both ate french fries and burgers and seemed very happy about it. I guess it's just because they are a dog and they do everything we do. I'm just afraid that they are getting too fat. I think they should be getting more than 3 meals a day. Can they eat this much in one day?

My friend has a 2 year old German Shepard. She took him to McDonald's and he ate about 3 large french fries. I am worried that he will keep overeating. Should I be worried? Is there a problem with the dog eating the french fries?

No, there's no problem with them eating french fries, although your dog is likely too old to overeat, if you have concerns about his appetite you should consult a vet. I don't think 3 french fries is a lot, although if

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