Paw soak for dogs

Paw soak for dogs

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Paw soak for dogs

Paw soak for dogs! This paw soak for dogs from our very own Dr. Tzu uses aloe vera, coconut, and lavender. They are a fantastic combination that is meant to cleanse and refresh those paws after a good long walk. These products are designed for the whole pet family, but will also work for you too!

All of our paws have been tested to be hypoallergenic and safe for every type of animal, including alligators. We are extremely proud to be able to offer natural products that are safe for you, your pet, and the environment.

Use Dr. Tzu's Paw Soak on your pets paws before and after a long walk, or as a treat!

Dr. Tzu’s Paw Soak

The paw soak is avlable in a 1oz or a 2oz bottle, which can be refilled with just the right amount of Dr. Tzu's Paw Soak

Dr. Tzu's Paw Soak is for all ages, small, medium, and large sized dogs

Paws are made up of hr, dead skin, and dead skin cells, so be sure to keep your pet’s paws and hr trimmed to avoid clumps and knots, which can attract pests

Paws are usually quite dry and need a good soak to remove debris that can cause a variety of skin conditions. Dr. Tzu's Paw Soak for dogs is gentle enough to be used for any type of skin conditions

Dr. Tzu’s Paw Soak can be used as a pre-bath soak, post-bath soak, and on any type of dog’s paws

Dr. Tzu's Paw Soak is designed to remove excess soap and dirt from your pet’s paws, but never use Dr. Tzu's Paw Soak for the washing of laundry!

A pet-friendly product! Do not use Dr. Tzu's Paw Soak with any type of human or household cleaning product as it can harm or damage items that may be in your pet’s paw

To use Dr. Tzu's Paw Soak for your pet, place a few drops in the palm of your hand or in a glass of water. Gently rub your pet’s paws, and repeat for your pet’s full paw, after which, dip your paw in the bottle

Remove as much of the paw soak from the bottle as you can without spilling and then gently rub the paw soak into your pet’s paw

After a good soak, clean your pet’s paw with warm water and soap. Rinse thoroughly, using a towel to remove excess water. Dry your pet’s paw with a towel to reduce any residual dampness.

As your pet’s paw will be extra soft and slippery after a soak, make sure you put him or her on the most absorbent surface possible – an oversized towel or blanket is best

Do not leave the liquid soaking in your pet’s paw as it will dry it out

Dr. Tzu's Paw Soak is intended for use with our canine, feline and exotics ONLY! It is not meant for human use and may pose a risk to you and your pet if ingested! Consult your veterinarian before using Dr. Tzu’s Paw Soak on your pet.

Dr. Tzu's Paw Soak, like all of our products, is the result of extensive research and development. Our products are designed to offer unique and effective pet care products that are safe for your pet.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


Please note: Dr. Tzu's Products, Inc. is not a Veterinary Practice. We do not, nor are we able to provide medical advice. We do not provide any recommendations or treatments for your pet's medical problems. If you have any questions regarding the medical side effects and side effects of Dr. Tzu's Products, Inc. products, please consult your local veterinarian for immediate medical care. All Dr. Tzu's Products, Inc. products may not be appropriate for all pets and for some pets, may cause side effects. Always consult your veterinarian.

Customer reviews

Excellent Product - I am absolutely blown away with this product! I use Dr. Tzu's Paw Soak for our dogs who are kept outside often. It works amazing and is gentle enough for my dogs to use. They absolutely love it and it really improves their coats. I highly recommend Dr. Tzu's Paw Soak.

I'm so happy that I found this product. I used to purchase another product before this one which I didn't like. This is the best of both worlds. You soak your dogs paws for 3 minutes before applying the coat protector and the paw butter. It actually is so good and smells wonderful. I'm so glad that I found this. I recommend Dr. Tzu's product wholeheartedly.

I found this paw butter while browsing the Internet for products to help dry my dogs feet. I have a small dog with thick and dry paws and feet. This works great for her. I apply a small amount of the paw butter onto each paw before and after a walk. Then, I wipe the paw butter away with a damp washcloth. This is a fast, easy way to apply a product for my dog. It's not greasy, doesn't irritate my dog's feet, and it really helps. I highly recommend this product.

I use this paw butter every time I bathe my dog. It works great and doesn't irritate his feet. It is a great little product, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone with a small dog. It's so inexpensive!

I have been using this product for over 5 years on my 2 yr old miniature schnauzer and it has worked great. He is one of the few dogs that doesn't lick his feet or get them dirty and he always has nice soft paws and feet. I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a dog product that works.

I first used Dr. Tzu's Paw Soak when my dog was a puppy, and I've never seen her with any other type of product on her feet. I started looking into better foot protection and was a little unsure about the effectiveness of these particular products. They are expensive. I ordered a set on sale for $9.99 and used them both on my dogs front and back feet. I thought

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