Smart and brave: the Norwegian Elkhound

Its versatile character ensures that the Norwegian Elkhound can be used as a hunting and family dog. You can read about the typical features of its essence here. The Norwegian Elkhound is an independent and watchful dog - Image: Shutterstock / Barry Blackburn

The Norwegian Elkhound is a brave, confident animal with a friendly but self-determined character. However, if you are familiar with dogs, you should have no problem integrating him as a friendly family member despite his hunting instinct.

Norwegian Elkhound: hunting dog and family animal

The Norwegian Elkhound is an independent animal that is used to making decisions itself - no wonder, because it is used as a talented hunting dog for moose and bears. The beautiful dog with the thick, weatherproof fur will never completely lose its own will, even if it is basically easy to train. Good behavior is usually a matter of course for him, because aggression and dominance are not among his typical traits. As a family dog, the Norwegian is friendly, affectionate and fond of children - of course, his species-appropriate attitude, good upbringing and socialization play an important role in ensuring that only the best sides are shown in his character.

Lively character and awake instinct

The Norwegian Elkhound has a lot of energy and a lively nature. His relative, the Swedish Elkhound, on the other hand, is considered to be calmer. With his perseverance, he is a particularly sporty companion, likes to be outdoors and a fan of lots of exercise.

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The hunting instinct is also an important part of its character. This is of course also available if the fur nose is not kept as a companion when hunting. Providing him with a replacement job ensures that he is still balanced and that his tendency to become self-employed during a walk should decrease. The attentive dog from Norway looks after house and yard and its people well, which makes its uses even more versatile.