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Meet Benjamin the baby goat

Meet Benjamin the baby goat

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Kid Benjamin is only five weeks old in this animal video and impresses not only with its cuteness, but also with its very special story. As an orphan kid, he grows up with his loving carer and does his job very well, as you can see!

Little Benjamin had a difficult start in his little goat life: as a twin, he was not adopted by his mother and was dependent on the help of people from the start. Fortunately, a loving carer took care of him, who didn't want to give up hope that the little man could make it.

His savior and best friend is called Tom and has lovingly cared for Little Benjamin. Of course, this also includes feeding him with the bottle day and night. In this video you can see how well Benjamin has thrived. He is healthy and alert, loves to be in the shop with his carer, to greet the guests there and to jump around. So lucky for the sweet little guy!

Bouncing, cuddling, romping: that's how kid life is fun!

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