Can black cats have blue eyes

Can black cats have blue eyes? Can they have spots? Are they really evil? Does a cat have one soul or many? Where do they go when they die?

In this episode we discuss these and other cat questions including the age old debate of whether or not cats have souls. The answer to this, as well as a lot of other things in this episode, is complicated.

Cats have been the subject of folklore and mythology since the beginning of human existence. Cats have a long and interesting history and hold a special place in many people's hearts and homes. And even if you don't have a cat of your own, you probably know someone who does.

If you want to learn more about cat history and mythology, as well as hear some entertning thoughts about some of these questions, please listen to this episode of the CatCast.

We'll see you back here next month for some cat news and views.

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Thanks to our very special guest host, Dr. Nick, you'll learn about the cat's mysterious origin and evolution, how cats may have helped to shape the emergence of civilization, and much more.

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Welcome to the CatCast. I'm Dr. Chris Kilham. CatCast host Dr. Nick Cooney, and today we're going to be talking about felids and felines. Cats are beautiful and mysterious and, as we'll talk about in today's show, that mystery can be pretty cool.

Cats have been the subject of folklore and mythology since the beginning of human existence. Cats have a long and interesting history and hold a special place in many peoples' hearts, but how did felids get their place in all of this? Why are felids such interesting creatures and where did felids come from? Well, the CatCast has all the answers to these questions and we'll tell you all about them in this episode.

Now, when you think of a feline, you probably think of the domestic cat, such as a house cat. Well, the cat that the house cat gets its name from is the African wildcat. Wildcats are actually a group of species within the subfamily Felinae, and while the group has some similar features, wildcats have quite different faces than house cats. For instance, wildcats don't have the curved whiskers that domestic cats have. Wildcats are also a much more widespread group than house cats, with wildcats found in Africa, Asia, Europe, and America.

The ancestors of wildcats most likely descended from other predators, including the big cat leopard, but the fact that wildcats now live outside Africa makes you wonder what gave rise to them. One possibility is that an ancestor of the wildcat became domesticated. Another possibility is that wildcats were brought to Africa from Eurasia, either by humans or through a series of natural events.

In the past, wildcats were thought to have been brought to the Americas as well. In reality, this is unlikely, and many scientists think that wildcats were never in North America.

One problem with studying wildcats is that, by their very nature, wildcats are elusive creatures. That sd, studies suggest that wildcats once ranged over a vast area.

Like the leopard, wildcats are now classified as endangered. To learn more about this group of animals, check out our Wildcat Facts, and tune in for more of The CatCast.

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