Dog swaying head back and forth

Dog swaying head back and forth

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Dog swaying head back and forth

Swinging side to side

Tongue hanging out

Locking eyes

Loud, barking noise

Sniffing and smelling

Scooping, lifting and dropping


Biting at the tail

Pushing, poking and prodding





Hissing, purring, coughing

Scratching, biting, scratching

Stiff-legged running

Tumbling, falling

Yelping, whining, and howling

### **_Howling_**

A typical howling dog does not look like a wolf. The howl is a loud, high-pitched, two- or three-note sound that usually begins high and ends low. Howls can vary greatly in length and pitch, and the sound often changes as the howling dog changes his pitch. There are some dogs who howl all the time, such as the Alaskan Malamute. The howl of this dog can be described as "a whining sound, but at the top of his range it becomes like a very high pitched squeal" (Sloan 1987, p. 8). Other dogs only howl at certain times of day or certain situations. This is howling for an object, not howling for a person. It may sound like a wolf, but it's just a high-pitched version of barking.

### **_Whining_**

Some dogs whine, and this is a very common complaint for owners who have a young puppy, or even a young adult, because they do not have a job to do. The puppy wants to be with his parents, so he whines. The adult dog wants to play, so he whines. The dog's whining is usually a way of complaining that he has not been allowed to do what he wants to do. A whining dog often has a soft sound, like a puppy, but a whining adult is often "in between tones, usually from high to low, rather than going from a deep low to a high" (Kellogg 1985, p. 14). There are many different types of whining.

Some of the causes of whining include:

1. When a dog is kept in a kennel or caged, or has an owner that is either too far away or not paying attention, he will whine to make his owner realize that he wants to come out of his kennel or cage.

2. Many dogs whine or whine loudly if they do not have their own crate or kennel.

3. A dog who barks a lot, or has a habit of barking at nothing in particular, can be classified as a barking dog. Many dogs who howl are also barking dogs.

4. Dogs that whine or whine a lot may need to go through some training before they have their own crate or kennel.

5. A very young puppy has a high pitched whining sound, because of a lack of coordination and development of the muscles and skeleton. This whining can be very annoying to people around him and can be very hard to get rid of if the puppy is brought home as a puppy.

6. Older puppies or young adult dogs have a much lower-pitched whining sound. This is because the puppy or dog has had more experience and more control over his body. His whining has also become more coordinated and less like a high-pitched puppy. The puppy or dog may also have become more mature and less prone to doing something he knows he should not do. The difference between this whining and a whining puppy is that the adult's whining is a much lower-pitched sound.

7. Dogs who are nervous or anxious often whine when a person approaches them, especially a new person.

8. When an adult dog is tired, he can often whine to tell you that he needs a break. This may be because he is a dog who likes to play, but doesn't like to be asked to play a new game.

9. A whining dog may also whine to get attention. The whining is sometimes a way of saying, "I'm not happy, and I need something. Please give me something I can do, like petting or food." This is the case in dogs who are afraid of thunder or storms, or are left alone in a house, or dogs who are shut in an isolated area of a kennel for a long time.

### **_Whimpering_**

This is a low-pitched whimpering sound. It is most often heard when a dog is in distress or pain. The whimpering sound of a dog is sometimes a way of telling you that he is afraid or upset. The fear may come from the fact that he does

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