Simon's Cat in the bathroom: playing with water

The bathroom is a very interesting place for Simon's Cat. As this video shows, the cat inspects every spot in the room and quickly finds pleasure in the taps - to the annoyance of its owner ...

Even the bathroom is not safe from Simon's Cat. While her owner is in the shower, the cat goes on a journey of discovery. Your first glance falls on the roll of toilet paper, which the kitty rolls off completely with pleasure. "But what now?" Asks the velvet paw and then inspects the toilet and teases its owner's toothbrushes.

But then Simon's Cat discovers something far more interesting: the taps. While the shower is still running, the cheeky kitty turns on one of the basin taps - and its owner screams. "This is fun!", The cat thinks and lets the water continue to run until the house owner jumps out of the tub in fright. Simon's Cat cheeky as ever!

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