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Siamese cat: character of beautiful animals

Siamese cat: character of beautiful animals

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With its sociable character, the Siamese cat is one of the most lively and affectionate cats in the world. The elegant, beautiful animal needs little grooming, but all the more attention. Beautiful and strong in character: The Siamese cat - Image: Shutterstock / Bildagentur-Zoonar-GmbH

Elegant, beautiful, mysterious: The Siamese cat fascinates at first glance and inspires many cat lovers. If you want to buy one, you should plan enough time for it and never keep it alone.

Siamese cat: delicate appearance, strong character

The Siamese cat is a very cuddly cat with an increased need for cuddling. Representatives of their race often follow their people at every turn and build a very close relationship with them. A companion is nevertheless irreplaceable for them, because they would be very sad if they were kept alone.

The pretty velvet paw knows how to hold its own and always shows with its loud voice and its assertiveness that it is there. She is active, spirited and behaves for a long time like a young animal - however, it is said to have an idiosyncratic and dominant character. For many, this variety in the nature of the highly sensitive cat is fascinating - inexperienced cat owners, or those who love the quiet in their house, should rather choose one of the quieter cat breeds.

A clever animal that needs employment

Siamese cats are curious and extremely intelligent. Many cat owners of this breed are amazed at what you can teach the learned animals. Clicker training, walking on a leash, retrieving: Most Siamese like to be there.

Siamese cat - an elegant feast for the eyes

The elegant velvet paws also like to play with children and are therefore very popular family cats. It never gets boring with the great house tigers - even if, of course, like all cats, they spend a large part of the day lying around comfortably and sleeping.

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