Dog with hr covering eyes

Dog with hr covering eyes, nose, and tongue

Disease in dog (with photo)

Disease in dogs

Eye disease

Eye injury, Dog

Eye Injury (with photo)

Gastrointestinal (GI) problems

Heatstroke, Dog

Hemorrhage, Nosebleed (with photo)

Hip dysplasia (DDH)

Joint injury

Liver problems

Mange, Dog

Mastitis (with photo)

Metabolic diseases

Neurological problems

Nosebleed, Dog


Poisoning, Dog

Puppy health (with photo)

Reproductive problems

Respiratory problems

Skin problems


Urinary problems

Viral Infections, Dogs

Veterinary Emergency

Webb's disease


Briefly describe


Cellular structure

Chronic disease

Chemical reactions

Composition of blood

Congenital (born with)


Diseases, Dog

Facts of blood

Germinal center

Lymphatic system


Organic chemistry




What is blood?

What does blood do?

Why is blood red?

What is hemoglobin?

What is red blood cell?

What is white blood cell?

Types of blood cells

What is anemia?

What is a tumor?

What is cancer?

What is a parasite?

What is a poison?

What is an accident?

Common diseases of dog



Antibodies: immune system

Antigens: viruses and bacteria

Autoimmune disorders

Brn disease


Cleft palate

Cushing's disease

Digestive disease

Endocrine diseases

Heart disease

Immune system disorders

Infectious disease

Inflammatory disease

Infectious disease

Infectious disease

Infectious disease


Metabolic disorders

Metabolic diseases



Nutritional diseases

Nutritional disease

Nutritional disease

Nutritional disorders


Organic diseases

Organic disease

Ovarian cyst


Parasitic diseases

Parasitic disease

Parasitic disease

Parasitic disease

Pelvic problems

Physiologic dysfunction

Physiologic diseases

Physiologic disease

Physiologic disease

Polycystic kidney disease

Radiologic disease

Renal disease

Reproductive disease

Respiratory disease

Respiratory disease

Retroperitoneal disease

Rheumatic disease

Sacral disease

Skin disease

Snake bites

Snake bite

Snake bite

Snake bite

Viral disease

Viral disease

Viral disease

# Table of Contents

1. Cover image

2. Title page

3. Table of Contents

4. Dedication

5. Copyright

6. About the Authors

7. Foreword

8. Introduction

9. I: The Dog, His Health, and You

1. Chapter 1: The Human and Dog Connection

2. Chapter 2: Your First Step in Becoming a Great Dog Owner

3. Chapter 3: The Role of a Veterinarian

10. II: Understanding Dog Health and Health Care

1. Chapter 4: What Your Dog Is Saying

2. Chapter 5: The Different Types of Signs and Symptoms of Disease

3. Chapter 6: Your Role as a Partner with the Vet

4. Chapter 7: The Vibrant Human-Animal Bond

5. Chapter 8: Communicating with the Vet

6. Chapter 9: The Big Five

11. III: Diseases: The Different Kinds

1. Chapter 10: Ear Disease

2. Chapter 11: Eye Disease

3. Chapter 12: Ear Infection and Otitis

4. Chapter 13: Digestive Disorders

5. Chapter 14: Heart Disease

6. Chapter 15: Kidney Disease

7. Chapter 16: Lung Disease

8. Chapter 17: Musculoskeletal Disorders

9. Chapter 18: Neurologic Disorders

10. Chapter 19: Nutritional Problems

11. Chapter 20: Pn Management

12. Chapter 21: Preventive Care and First d

12. IV: Vaccines and Worming

1. Chapter 22: What Is a Vaccine?

2. Chapter 23: Vaccines: Where Do They Come From?

3. Chapter 24: Vaccines and Health

4. Chapter 25: How Do I Get My Puppy Vaccinated?

5. Chapter 26: Vaccines for Adult Dogs

6. Chapter 27: Vaccine Schedules

7. Chapter 28: Which Puppy Vaccine to Use?

8. Chapter 29: Vaccines and the Immune System

9. Chapter 30: Vaccines and Adverse Reactions

10. Chapter 31: The Worming Period

11. Chapter 32: Worming Methods

13. V: Skin Problems

1. Chapter 33: Canine Skin Diseases

2. Chapter 34: How Does the Skin Work?

3. Chapter 35: Skin Diseases

4. Chapter 36: Skin and Coat Care

5. Chapter 37: Skin Infections

6. Chapter 38: Hr Care

7. Chapter 39: Skin Parasites

14. VI: Urinary and Reproductive Problems

1. Chapter 40: Urinary and Reproductive Problems

2. Chapter 41: Male Health Problems

3. Chapter 42: Female Health Problems

4. Chapter 43: Reproductive Problems

5. Chapter 44: Reproductive Problems

6. Chapter 45: Urinary and Reproductive Problems

7. Chapter 46: Female Urinary and Reproductive Problems

8. Chapter 47: Urinary and Reproductive Problems

9. Chapter 48: How Does the Dog Reproduct?

10. Chapter 49: An Urological Problem?

15. Appendix A: An Urological Problem?

16. Appendix B: Urological Parasites

17. Glossary

18. Index

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