Are boxers good with cats

Are boxers good with cats

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Are boxers good with cats?

My fiancé and I are trying to decide on getting a boxer/pit bull mix or a small black kitten or cat that might be as friendly as the boxer. I think both are cute but not too sure. She has been with cats since she was a kitten but I am worried they might not get along.

I have a cat that loves to play with him but not too rough. I guess they will both be adults when I am home most of the time. I am a stay at home mom and we will be working at home too.

I can't think of any good reasons for cats and dogs to not get along. They were born from the same animal.

I have a boxer and a cat. The cat loves playing with the boxer and he doesn't get the cats out of his sight. The cat will play with me or other people for a while, then she gets bored, then play with the boxer again. The boxer will sit still and let the cat climb on him and play. Sometimes the cat will even sleep with the boxer.

I have a dog/kitty combo. They get along fine. The kitty is a lap kitty (likes being on my lap) and my dogs is a little rambunctious (loves to wrestle). But they get along great.

I think they will both benefit from an activity they enjoy, a lot of exercise and fun. And that they have the same interests (playing) and I think they will find that they can work together. The kitty and I are also very tolerant of each other, but will still give each other space if we are tired of playing with each other.

As far as being a lap dog, there are two kinds of lapdogs: cats (love to cuddle on your lap) and dogs (think about it...if you put your leg on their back and pet them, why would they not like it?).

Boxers have a reputation for being "manly" dogs that would do well in a "men's club" but they are really a good mix for people who are active and like to be active. And, of course, both of your animals like to be active. That's a given.

You said you have an older cat and a boxer. The boxer is not a dog but a breed of dog. A pitbull/boxer would not be suitable for a small kitten. They would tear each other apart. Even with an adult cat, it would probably be the boxer who would win out. I have had a boxers for 18 years and he is still a puppy, with lots of energy and mischief, but my cats have always tolerated him and even like him a little (he is not too rough). The cat would probably enjoy some attention, playing and exercising with a boxer, and you are right that boxers love to play, but, with an adult cat, I wouldn't try to play them together. A small cat would not be up to the physical rigors of the boxer's activity level. It might take both a few days to get used to each other. If you plan to keep them together, you might just play with the cat at first until she gets used to him and then play with him until he is comfortable with you and your cat. Boxers are great at being tolerant of cats, but sometimes, their curiosity to a cat can be a little strong and it could become a problem for both of them. I have had the same boxer for over 20 years and I know he is not too fond of cats and always tries to get away from them.

I also have an 8 year old boxer and a 12 year old cat. I would not suggest a cat with a dog because of their size difference. Both are great animals.

You will have to choose between the kitten and the cat. I would lean towards the kitten because the cat would be in his prime. However, there is no harm in playing with both.

We have 2 boxer/golden retriever mix. The golden retriever has a bad shoulder and is a very slow runner but a good dog to the end. The boxer was more hyperactive as a puppy but we worked with it. They got along great. It is very fun to run in the field with the golden retriever and watch them get a good workout and run together. The boxer and golden retriever are best friends. I don't know about other dogs or cats.

I have two dogs and two cats, and they all get along fine. The only time they fight is when I take the cats out of the house for a couple of hours when they are playing with the dogs.

As you noted, you can't have a boxer with a small kitten. A dog, on the other hand, has been known to eat kittens. In the UK, where many boxers are born, it's very hard to find a boxer without a pedigree. Boxers are very good family dogs that love to play and will give you a good workout. My sister has an 8 year old boxer, who is still young.

I also had to have my 4 year old boxer put down last year, after he had had a long and happy life with my two cats and a couple of chickens.

The boxer will want to play with the cat, and will enjoy it, so long as it isn't rough play. If it is rough play, it may be the cat who wins out. It's really a question of how you want to play. Both will enjoy the same sort of thing.

I've had boxers for nearly 12 years, but we also had a cat for five years. They get along great. My boxers love to play with my other dogs and cats. They just play. They also love to play with my cats in my lap.

Yes! They are best friends! They play every day.

My boyfriend has two boxer boys, one is very big, the other is tiny, he's the lap cat. And his two cats love to play with both of them. The cat also plays with him too.

We have one boxer and one cat.

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