Get puppies used to everyday noises

Puppies have to get used to a variety of everyday noises. For most of them, this happens automatically, but for noises that are less likely to be heard, it can make sense to familiarize a young dog with them. The puppy has to get used to one or the other everyday noise - Image: Shutterstock / Kwiatek7

Neighbors in the stairwell, cars on the street, ringing bicycles: a young dog will quickly get to know these everyday noises as parts of his environment, because he is confronted with them every day. As long as he doesn't associate them with a bad experience, he should quickly classify such noises as harmless and completely normal so that he is not afraid of them. With some tones, however, getting used to it is a little more difficult.

Thunderstorm, New Year's Eve, incoming trains and Co.

A dog is not confronted with some everyday noises every day, but will most likely not be able to get past them in the course of its life. So that he does not panic when he hears her for the first time, a forward-looking practice helps.

One example is the sound of thunder during a thunderstorm, which could become a dog fright at the latest in summer. New Year's Eve firecrackers, rockets and the like could also overwhelm him in New Year's Eve, just like loud noises from incoming freight trains or the like. It is practiced early here, but of course very carefully.

Training around everyday noises

You can get to know various noises like that of incoming trains together with your puppy. Go slowly by simply stopping by the train station with your dog. The best thing to do is to leash your protégé and give him security by taking good care of him. By behaving normally, you signal to him at the same time that everything is OK.

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His favorite toys and a few treats embellish the four-legged friend's time at the train station and make the unusual, loud noises a minor matter, which he nevertheless becomes more and more familiar with. Everything that you cannot practice regularly with a real soundscape, for example thunderstorms, can be included in your training program if you want with films or with special sound CDs for dogs. These are also available for special occasions, such as New Year's Eve, and should be played from time to time when playing in the background.