Are dates good for cats

Are dates good for cats?

Cats have long been considered among the most intelligent of animals, but we tend to assume that they are also among the most sophisticated, with many other attributes in common with us humans. So it would be fr to suggest that many cat owners are of the same opinion, and that they may well be mistaken.

Indeed, some may think that the idea of using a date as a form of cat nutrition is completely unreasonable, to say the least. And it is true that some cats do not appear to respond to them in the same way that they respond to a wide range of other forms of nutrition. This can sometimes create a degree of confusion, even in cases where the feeding has been carried out in good fth. And the matter can be made more confusing by the fact that, in some cases, some owners do know perfectly well what they are doing.

Nevertheless, we have been looking into this matter for some time. And if anything, we have found that a cat’s interest in dates can provide an additional source of information in many situations where our usual methods would be inadequate. In fact, we do feel that we should not be afrd of including dates among the nutrients that we give our cats. In many cases, the results can be surprisingly good.

The issue of date nutrition is still quite new. It was first tried out by a cat feeding expert in the UK, Peter Lush, in the 1980s, and since then he has come to believe that cats show a marked degree of interest in the new and exciting form of nutrition, not only in terms of their own consumption but also in terms of the reaction they elicit from their owners.

One of the most interesting aspects of this phenomenon is that many people have no idea why their cats should be interested in dates at all. Indeed, they may think that their cats must either be completely insensitive, or they may think that they are trying to encourage their cats to eat something that may not be very good for them.

However, Peter Lush believes that the reason cats eat dates is almost certnly because of their taste. And the fact that cats are particularly attracted to them seems to support this view. Certnly, we have seen this for ourselves. When given the choice, we have found that our cats will actually eat more dates than most of us would like to believe.

There is a theory, at least, that some cats just want to get their food in their systems. And they may like the fact that dates provide them with some form of a sweet taste. In addition, dates seem to have a number of special health-promoting properties.

One particularly good effect is that dates are a rich source of complex carbohydrates. Complex carbohydrates provide the cat with energy when it is tired, tired of going hungry, or otherwise stressed. Even in humans, this form of carbohydrate, in many people, is known to have a mildly diuretic effect.

In addition, one of the most interesting effects is that they can be a good source of magnesium. It is believed that eating foods that are rich in magnesium helps keep cats' bones healthy. Indeed, cats need a healthy bone structure to help protect them from predators. Magnesium also provides a boost to the immune system, which is good news in this age when so many cats are exposed to many different diseases.

### **Where do cats get their water?**

Just as for humans, it is also important to keep cats' bodies hydrated. And for a cat's body to be hydrated, it must have access to water. So the question arises as to where a cat gets its water.

For most cats, water is provided by their food. It is believed that the water, at least in part, comes from the fat content of the food. One of the theories is that, as an animal gets older, it needs to drink more water. So, with a diet of low-fat foods, there is less water to drink and the animal has to use up its fat stores to get the water that it needs. For this reason, the food we provide to our older cats may be a little less "watery" than that which we provide to our younger cats.

If the food you choose for your cat doesn't provide enough water, it is possible to add a source of water that comes in a can. This is the "artificial" or "human-made" water. Some, but not all, "artificial" water comes from plants. You can also use "artificial" water that comes in a bottle. While these solutions are not as good as the real thing, they are often better than nothing.

### **Soups and broths**

Cats are especially fond of broth. As you already know, their bodies are much less acidic than ours. This makes broths very nutritious and healing. They also have the benefit of contning an almost unlimited amount of water. If you are a purist, you can simply use water instead of broth to feed your cat. However, it is also possible to add some good-quality broth to the diet.

### **Commercial foods and special diets**

While it is possible to feed a cat a homemade diet using only inexpensive foods such as dried beans and other vegetables, most cat owners are happy to use commercial foods, too. And, depending on the age of the cat, commercial foods may or may not be appropriate. It is helpful to remember that you are not always buying an appropriate food for a kitten. If you feed your kitten on a diet of dry food, that is all she is going to get. You have to realize that she has needs that you cannot meet with that diet. And, if you feed a kitten a diet that you would not feed to a one-year-old cat, you may be surprised to see the kind of behavior you will get from your cat when you finally move on to a better diet.

Commercial foods also offer convenience, since they are often in cans or bottles that you simply open and pour. You will also need to purchase a cat litter box, food bowls, and other supplies that will be used as you feed your cat. If you have access to a good pet store, you can use that as a resource. However, some cats are so picky that it is difficult to find what they like in a big store.

Although you can often buy many of the products in a supermarket, you may also need to go to a pet store. This is especially true for larger bottles. While you will be able to find products in many large supermarkets, the products are not in large sizes, and this makes a big difference in the ability to feed the cat. And, of course, you must realize that a store may carry a different brand or type of cat food, so you will have to check the label on the can, box, or bag to be sure of what you are getting.

Because of all the information that I have offered you here, it may be obvious why I am sure that feeding the right diet to a cat is an important part of the equation. However, just to reinforce this information, here is an example:

I have a cat named Charlie. Charlie was very good with my other cat, but I have noticed that she has taken to eating more and more human food, which has changed her feeding habits. As the summer came on, she was eating a lot of potato chips, which were the best thing I could get her to eat. When that time came to an end, she started to eat a lot of pasta, which is pretty good for cats. Then she started to like chicken, which is good but I could tell that she was getting a little spoiled. Now, she

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