Somali cat: a lively beauty

The Somali cat is an incredibly clever little velvet paw with a fine, friendly character. The characteristics described below distinguish many representatives of this breed. Active and playful: the Somali cat is fun for everyone - Image: Shutterstock / nelik

If you are looking for an uncomplicated cat with a balanced but lively character, you are probably very well advised with the Somali. It is quite robust, not too susceptible to noise and stress, brave and independent, but still cuddly. Her quiet voice is also characteristic of the cute cat, as is her way of rarely communicating.

Cat with a curious, happy character

The Somali cat is always in a lively, lively and active mood. When she is over her flailing years, however, she becomes a little calmer. The beautiful velvet paw with the half-long fur is always in a good mood and just loves playing and climbing.

She is also very curious and would like to know everything exactly. Visitors, shopping bags, secret drawers that are open: the Somali cat has to take a close look at everything.

The Somali loves being close to people and animals

The beautiful relative of the Abyssinian cat is open and very loving. Most of the time she gets along wonderfully with children. She is affectionate and likes to follow her bipeds everywhere.

Mini puma with long fur: the Somali cat

She is also social and sociable towards other animals. If you leave her alone a lot and keep her alone, this cat will be very sad, so she should be kept together with a second cat. The Somali tends to be a bit dominant and a second cat should fit her temperamentally and physically. The self-confident cat should also like to include well-socialized dogs in their circle of friends, so that keeping them with dogs and cats normally corresponds to their sociable character.