Development of a kitten: 5th to 8th week

Development of a kitten: 5th to 8th week

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Until the fourth week, kittens are almost all day busy sleeping, drinking milk and cuddling with their mother and siblings. At five weeks, the little four-legged friends are slowly getting ready for their first short adventures. The first little adventures for kittens begin in week 5 - Image: Shutterstock / Tami Freed

Their steps look very clumsy and they only run very short distances, but by the age of five weeks most baby room tigers are quite safe on their feet. Their ability to move is only really well developed when they are six weeks old. In addition, the kittens can do much more in time:

Kittens aged five to six weeks

The little velvet paws not only start to run now, their teeth are also so developed that they start eating cat food and only drink from time to time with their mother. They learn how to eat from a bowl by watching their cat mother. The same applies to the use of the litter box: the youngsters are now getting used to this too. The baby cats are now also visually changing: They weigh between approximately 225 and 450 grams and their light blue eye color is now slowly changing to the color that the cat will keep for life. Now the cat is ready to slowly learn its first little lessons and discover the world.

Welcome to the world, you tiny kitties

The seventh and eighth week of a baby cat's life

Small cats learn a lot at this age. With their siblings, they go on short discovery tours for the first time and enjoy a lot of cat education under the wing of their cat mother by testing what they are allowed to do and what not. From now on, they play what they can and with a weight of up to 900 grams and fully developed milk teeth, the four-legged friends already look like real little cats. The Stubentiger are already interacting a lot with people and are slowly getting ready to move to their loving new home. However, this should take place at the earliest when the cat is twelve weeks old.

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