Socialize puppy: the world is exciting!

The socialization of a puppy is important: The big wide world has a lot of new things in store for him and that shouldn't, of course, upset him ... Socialization shapes the puppy for life - Image: Shutterstock / Dora Zett

Walking with a dog should be nice and relaxing. Therefore, if you start practicing with your little friend early on, you are doing yourself and yourself a great favor. Everything that the young fur nose gets to know and can classify as harmless shapes him for life and gradually turns him into an increasingly reliable and uncomplicated partner. When walking with your protégé you should note the following.

Take good care of your protege

Be confident but very attentive when walking your youngster. Your dog must also know its limits, but is still very fragile and relies on larger dogs to respect its puppy protection. Likewise, that children are not too rough with him and that his owner does not let him run into any dangers that he does not yet know. Always keep in mind that you might come across a dog that is not well socialized or trained and that could cause your animal child to get into trouble. It is therefore up to you to assess dangers well without being overly cautious and to free your dog from an awkward situation if the worst comes to the worst.

Practice early

Even on your first walks there will be situations in which your young dog tests its limits. That is why it is important that you are consistent with him from the start. For example, he should learn right from the start that he doesn't run after joggers or roller skaters.

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Distract him by, for example, playing retrieval games with him that are at least as exciting as chase games. It is also important that your little pet does not jump on people and is not too cheeky when dealing with other four-legged friends - if you prevent this from the start, your walks will gradually become more relaxed.