Yorkshire Terrier: what is its character?

The Yorkshire Terrier is a lively little creature with a very active and special character. Despite its handy size, it is only suitable for beginners to a limited extent because the brave little stubborn is not easy to educate. Lively, lively and happy: The Yorkshire Terrier - Image: Shutterstock / Bernhard Richter

If you think that this fur nose is liked to be pampered, you underestimate the Yorkshire Terrier. He is brave, assertive and independent.

The Yorkshire Terrier has its own head

The Yorkie is a smart, playful dog. Funny and eager to learn as he is, he absolutely needs a lot of work. He shows himself self-confident, sometimes even too self-confident, to other dogs and strangers and does not let the butter be taken off his bread.

Courage and vigilance are part of this little terrier program. It is natural for him to announce a visit by barking, if it is not counteracted with an appropriate education. His protective instinct is surprisingly strong in relation to his small body size.

Pet for experienced owners

The Yorkie is affectionate and loving and just right for people who take him seriously and educate him consistently and lovingly. Since you can go wrong with your upbringing, you should be very careful here and possibly with the help of a dog trainer.

Small but powerful: the Yorkshire Terrier

The Yorkshire Terrier gets along well with children if he knows them from an early age and has had no bad experiences with them. However, many Yorkis do not have a very good relationship with small people who often misjudge his character because of his cute appearance. Owners of a dog of this breed should therefore keep an eye from the start that their four-legged friend is socialized gently and expertly with children.

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