Tonkanese: correct posture for the cat

Tonkanese: correct posture for the cat

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If you have a Tonkanese moved in with you, you should plan a lot of time for it. Playing, cuddling and spending time with your people is very important to this beautiful, easy-care velvet paw. The Tonkanese is a beautiful, playful cat - Image: Shutterstock / dezi

The adaptable Tonkanese is above all important: that she is little alone and her owners want to deal with it often. The velvet paw simply needs and enjoys the attention of its people. But animal society is also irreplaceable for them.

Attitude with action and comrades: the Tonkanese

If possible, do not hold the Tonkanese alone. She is a particularly affectionate, needy cat - cuddling, grooming each other, playing and romping around is the most fun for her with a second velvet paw that has a temperament similar to her.

She also likes to be with her people a lot and loves to play. Chasing balls or fishing rods and learning tricks is the right thing for the smart, keen relatives of the Burmese and Siamese cats. You should allow the curious cat to hop on a shelf or clear out a shopping bag, because curiosity is in its nature.

In the apartment or with free access

When it comes to keeping conditions, the rare, lovable four-legged friend is very adaptable. She can move in with you as a freelancer, but also feels comfortable in a large, cat-friendly apartment.

Burma, Siam and Co: exotic cat breeds

The gentle Tonkanese usually gets along just fine with children, and thanks to its sociability there is nothing to be said against keeping in a family. In addition, the cat is robust and with its short, easy-care fur also very uncomplicated in everyday life.

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