Raising West Highland White Terriers: Tips

If you want to get your West Highland White Terrier raised, you can prepare yourself for a cooperative little partner. The happy dog ‚Äč‚Äčlearns particularly well through playful units. The West Highland White Terrier: An attentive dog - Image: Shutterstock / Nikolai Pozdeev

The upbringing of your West Highland White Terrier begins with socialization, even when the little four-legged friend is still with its dog mother.

Training with the young West Highland White Terrier

If he then moves in with you, it is important to familiarize the young Westie with other dogs and all kinds of stimuli that he will later encounter in his environment. You will have it easy. The four-legged friend who used to be kept in packs is brave, tolerable and social. His child-friendly nature also helps you to have little trouble getting used to new things with this dog. His hunting instinct could be a bit more challenging.

Important for education: the hunting instinct

The breeding of a dog of this breed, no matter how small and charming, should be done very consistently. If his hunting instinct makes him curious about a track, it will otherwise be difficult for you to call your dog back. Practice with him that he listens to you in every situation and possibly learn games and rituals with the help of a dog trainer that distract him from his hunting instinct. This is often easier than messing with the small, confident four-legged friend who likes to show his stubborn head when he wants something.

Small dog, great self-confidence

The Westie sometimes doesn't seem to know how small he is. It is important that his courage does not degenerate into arrogance or lead to unpleasant behavior. Of course, he shouldn't yap constantly or provoke other dogs.

West Highland White Terrier: Small white family dog

Show him gently but consistently that while he may be a little vigilant and confident, he does not want constant yapping and dominance.