How cats see the world

In this video, the two cats, Cole and Marmalade, show that their view of the world, typical of the Stubentiger, is sometimes a little different from that of humans ...

Clearly: A sofa is not just a cozy piece of upholstered furniture for cats, but also a wonderful hiding place for toys. The window is of course not only for ventilation, but also for watching a little cat television.

Hair ties are not something for velvet paws, but the best toy in the world. There are lots of free films in the bathroom - watching the owners wash their hands is exciting, isn't it?

For a long time, spiders are not as scary for cats as humans, but delicious fast food. And as soon as the alarm clock rings, of course that means nothing more than: Now it's feeding time !!!

Cats at work: please do not disturb!