A Boston Terrier moves in: posture tips

Lively and lively, like the Boston Terrier, he is happy to be busy. But there are a few other important things to keep in mind as well. The Boston Terrier is an adorable bundle of energy - Image: Shutterstock / Lobstrosity

First things first: The Boston Terrier is a very affectionate dog. To be alone a lot is not for him. Because of its sociability and need for employment, it fits very well in families and with people who can integrate it into their daily routine. For example, by taking your dog to work.

Discontinuation and employment needs

The Boston Terrier likes to move and is always available for nice walks. Whether they are long and extensive or calm and cozy - he is fine with both. It can be held both in the city and in the country if the general conditions are right.

The lively four-legged friend enjoys playing units on the meadow and with other dogs. But he would also like to use his high level of intelligence. You can practice tricks with your bat-eared darling and practice dexterity in dog sports such as agility or obedience training with him. The little four-legged friend also quickly becomes a professional in dog dancing.

Other special features of this dog breed

Caution is advised with him in the heat. The small, lovable companion dog from America cannot handle high temperatures well - sporty tours in the midday heat should therefore be taboo and be postponed to the evening. Your loyal friend will also be happy about enough shady spots in the garden.


Also, when choosing a puppy, be careful that it comes from responsible breeding. His parents should of course be healthy, and your four-legged friend should not have too short a nose. It can cause him to have difficulty breathing later.